Selected Bibliography

I was unable to make this into a spreadsheet format for the blog, so please note the information will be in this order:                   Category, Book Title, Author, Publisher & Country, ISBN ( or Library of Congress) Number, Year Published, My Personal Comments.  They are listed in no particular order, but I do recommend any and all of them.  Note that the short numbers in the ISBN portion of the listing are Library of Congress numbers before ISBN became the standard. Pictures in these books are in color unless noted with B/W for Black and White pictures.

Stumpwork: “Stumpwork, The Art of Raised Embroidery,” by Muriel Baker; Charles Scribner’s Sons, US; 0-684-15360-2; 1978; Good historical casket pictures, B/W only, great how-to’s

Stumpwork: “RSN Essential Stitch Guides: Stumpwork,” by Kate Sinton; Search Press, UK; 978-1-84448-586-4; 2011; Contemporary motifs, great color instructions

Stumpwork:  “English Embroidery from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1580-1700, ‘Twixt Art and Nature,” Edited by Andrew Morrall with articles written by experts.  MMA, The Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture; 978-0-300-12967-0; 2008. Fantastic source for stumpwork! Caskets, mirror frames, In my opinion, the best on the subject and worth its expensive price.

Stumpwork: “English Embroideries (Ashmolean Handbooks)” by Mary M. Brooks; Jonathan Horne Publ., UK; 1-85444-192-2; year unknown; Small book with stumpwork illustrations, instructions

Stumpwork: “Embroidered Stuart Pictures,” Shire Album #246; by Margaret Swain; Shire Publications, Ltd., UK; 0-7478-0059-6; year unknown; Booklet series, B/W, embroidered caskets

Stumpwork: “British Embroidery, Curious Works from the Seventeeth Century” by Kathleen Epstein. The Colonial Williamsburg Fndtn., US; 0-87935-186-1; 1998. Inspiring, B/W & Color illustrations

Stumpwork: “Embroidery at the Burrell Collection 1600-1700,” by Liz Arthur; John Murray/Glasgow Museums, Scotland; 0-7195-5413-6; 1995. Stumpwork & needlepoint, wonderful collection

Stumpwork: “New Designs in Raised Embroidery,” by Barbara & Roy Hirst.  Merehurst Ltd., UK; 1-85391-578-5; 1997. Contemporary motifs, great color instructions

Stumpwork: “Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork,” by Di van Niekerk; Search Press, UK; 1-84448-090-9; 2005 Something different, large color instructions, lovely book

Embroidery:  “RSN,Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guides: Crewelwork,” by Jacqui McDonald; Search Press, UK; 978-1-84448-550-5; 2010. Contemporary motifs, great color instructions

Embroidery The Victoria & Albert Museums Textile Collection Donald King and Santina Levey Canopy Books, US 1-55859-652-6 1993 Embroidery from Middle Ages to 1750

Embroidery: “English Crewel Designs 16th-18th Centuries,” by Frances M. Bradbury; Stemmer House, US; 978-0-88045-015-7; 1982. Large drawings of traditional patterns, can copy directly. Very little text.

Embroidery: “Embroidery Masterworks,” by Virginia Churchill Bath; Henry Regnery Co., US; 72-183818; 1972. Mostly B/W, instructions, various types of work from many countries

Embroidery: “English Historical Embroidery Barbara Snook B.T. Batsford Ltd., UK 1960 B/W illustrations, good pattern inspiration

Embroidery: “Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches, including Crewel,” by Marion Nichols; Dover Publications, Inc.; 0-486-22929-7; 1974.  B/W illustrations, great instruction book

Embroidery: “Crewel Embroidery,” by Erica Wilson; Charles Scribners Sons, US; 62-9637 ; 1962.  B/W instructions. My bible-this is how I learned to stitch!  There was a later book known as The Big Book by Erica Wilson but I can’t find it to give ISBN number.

Embroidery: “English Crewel Designs,” by  Mary Eirwen Jones;  William Morrow & Co., US; 0-688-00303-6; 1974.  B/W diagrams can be copied directly from book

Embroidery: “Heritage Embroidery,” by Elsa S. Williams; Reinhold Publishing Corp., US; 67-24700; 1967.  B/W & color illustrations, instructions, good crewel examples

Blackwork: “Blackwork,” by Mary Gostelow BT Batsford, Ltd., UK 0-7134-3259-4 1976 B/W illustrations, instructions. See my own Blackwork piece on page 119, identified as Maxine Ziemba (my other name).

Blackwork: “RSN Essential Stitch Guides:  Blackwork,” by Becky Hogg; Search Press, UK; 978-84448-551-2; no year given. Great series, I plan to get this book

Blackwork: “Blackwork Embroidery,” by Elisabeth Geddes & Moyra McNeill; Dover Publications, Inc.; 0-486-23245-X; 1976; B/W illustrations, instructions, contemporary motifs

Blackwork: ” Beginner’s Guide to Blackwork,” by Lesley Wilkins; Search Press, UK; 978-0-85532-937-2; 2002. Traditional motifs, instructions, well worth having

Blackwork: ” Traditional Blackwork Samplers,” by Lesley Wilkins; Search Press, UK; 978-1-84448-022-7; 2004. More Traditional motifs, instructions, also worth having

Silk & Gold: “RSN Essential Stitch Guides: Silk Shading,” by Sarah Homfray; Search Press, UK; 978-1-84448-585-7;  year unknown.  Great series, I plan to get this book

Silk & Gold: “Beginner’s Guide to Goldwork,” by Ruth Chamberlin; Search Press, UK; 0-85532-954-8; 2006. Beautiful contemporary motifs, great how-to’s

General: “Art of Embroidery, History of Style & Technique,” by Lanto Synge;  Antique Collectors Club, UK; 1-85149-359-X; 2001.  15th c. to contemporary, works from various countries. Beautifully presented by the Royal School of Needlework

General: “Needlework Masterpieces from Winterthur,” by Hollis Greer Minor; David & Charles, UK ; 0-7153-1195-6; 1998. All color needlepoint charts

General: “Royal School of Needlework Embroidery Techniques,” by Sally Saunders, et al; Batsford, UK; 978-0-7134-8817-3; 1998. Wonderful resource with instructions for crewel, blackwork, silk & gold

General The Embroiderer’s Story, Needlework from the Renaissance to the Present Day Thomasina Beck David & Charles, UK  0-7153-0238-8 1995 Fabulous pattern source book, historic works, no instructions

General: “The Embroiderer’s Flower,” by Thomasina Beck; David & Charles, UK;  0-7153-0692-8; 1992.  Fabulous pattern source book, historic works, no instructions

General: “In Praise of the Needlewoman,” by Gail Carolyn Sirna; Merrill Publishers Ltd., UK; 978-1-8589-4341-1; 2006. Paintings of women stitching from 16th to 20th century

General: “Needlework & Tapestry at Parham Park,” by Judith Dore, Parham Park, Pulborough, West Sussex, no ISBN or year given.  Illustrated booklet with needlework at a stately home, instructions

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