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Finally joined Thistle Threads Casket Class

I wrote this post some time ago, and just today, found I did not publish it.  So, after a long delay, hope you enjoy reading it.

After considering making this class choice for a few years, I started the Casket class, Part One this past month.  So far, I’ve accessed the reading material and will soon be receiving the first shipment of threads and fabrics.  Tricia Nguyen warns us there will be approximately 900 pages in her materials and having only read Lesson 1 so far, I am quite intrigued.  She gives a lot of information on historical 17th c. caskets, the people, the designs and materials.  I am fascinated and can’t wait to begin.

Stumpwork panel with a central oval cartouche depicting a young lady gathering a posy

The same day I sent off my deposit money, I suddenly discovered that I knew what the subject of my casket would be.  As most of my desiging ideas come to me in strange or inconvenient places, i.e. the shower or before bedtime, this idea occurred to me about 1 a.m. as I was trying to fall asleep.  Sleep wasn’t happening because my mind kept racing and finally gave up the pretense of sleeping at 4 a.m. and went to the computer and wrote all my ideas down.  Although I was tired the next day, it was a relief to have the design aspect out of the way.

Since these caskets were only being done in Great Britain during the 2nd half of the 17th century, popular subjects for the designs were the two British monarchs Charles I and II and their wives.  Many caskets were done with religious subjects but I don’t have much of an interest or knowledge of these subjects, but do love historical monarchies, and I have no idea why I am so attracted to this subject, but there it is.

As some of my readers know, I have collected dolls houses and miniatures for the past 40 years and am, this very week, auctioning my miniature collection in Chicago at http://www.LeslieHindman.com   The preview commenced today and the auction will take place this Wednesday and Thursday, July 23 & 24th.

One of my favorite dolls houses has been what I called Leicester House, a 16th c. English Manor House modeled after three Stately Homes in England.  My favorite monarch has always been Queen Elizabeth I and she and her courtiers will be the subject of my casket, partly in honor of the Queen and partly in honor of my Elizabethan interests and dolls house.

After the auction madness is over, I will start on the casket project and will possibly do a stumpwork mirror as well in the 17th c. style using either Charles I or Charles II and a more typical item from that era.




Joined the Thistle Threads Casket Class at last!

Finally made the decision to sign up on Trisha Nguyen’s Casket class and am very excited about it. I am starting with Part I and have only read Lesson I so far. Tricia promises about 900 pages of materials, so I know what my reading is going to be for the next 18 months. Now that I’ve made this decision, I will not use the boxes described earlier in this blog as I wasn’t happy with them for this purpose anyway.
I already know the design I plan to use which came to me at 1 a.m. when I was trying to sleep. My mind was racing with the concept and at 4 a.m. finally gave in to the urge and went and typed my ideas before I lost them all. It will be based on Queen Elizabeth I and her courtiers and not the usual 17th c. monarchs, Charles I or Charles II. I may also work a stumpwork mirror later on and probably use either of these monarchs on the mirror surround.


Found a new box which will be used for the stumpwork casket!

This box measures 14 1/2″ wide by 10 3/4″  high by 9 1/4″ deep, more in keeping with the original 17th century caskets used.  I will cover the painted designs with white fleece giving a nicer background for the satin fabric which will have the stumpwork designs.  I hope I can remove the feet and hardware and find more suitable trimmings. Continue reading